Buch - Narasimhadeva Prayers (englisch) - OFFER, 10 Stück

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Produktinformationen "Buch - Narasimhadeva Prayers (englisch) - OFFER, 10 Stück"
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10 x Narasimha Prayer Book = 150,- €

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- Book available in English, only. -
"This book has two parts: first, the amazing and stunning narration of how Lord Narasiṁhadeva appeared with his devotee Prahlāda in Bavaria, Germany. Second, prayers, which are the best way to approach the Lord. In the prayer section we hear traditional addresses that give us a glimpse into the heart of the most advanced devotees of Lord Narasiṁhadeva. Go to Lord Narasimhadeva and pray to him and you will see that miracles exist. He is not a distant God, He is a very close God."
- HH Śacīnandana Swami

Please take this opportunity to delve deep into the story of Simhachalam - how Prahlad Narasimhadeva appeared. This book also contains stunning pictures of Lord Narasimhadeva and many many prayers to Lord Narasimhadeva that are suitable for daily recital. Jay Narasimhadeva!

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